cat Crescent

In our Spanish adventure, cat Tikkel also has a role. He is demented, deaf and fat. So he is more like a Dikkel. Since he was a kitten he has been obsessed with food. He would gulp down his kibble at breakneck speed and then very sneakily pull the tray away from his brother with one paw. He stood there and looked at it and [...]

A day of outdoor play

KC job

Always hard work here? Oh well, sometimes it's not so bad. Sometimes it's like a day at the playground. Romping around outside, digging holes, playing with sand, stacking stone walls, messing about with buckets of water. Getting dirty is allowed. In between, of course, picnicking in the sun. Sourdough bread with brie, honey and walnut from our own garden, [...]

Twisting by the pool

Our pool has not been looked at for years. A bit run-down with a crack here and there and other defects. Overdue maintenance due to lack of time and energy. The same goes for our physical constitution; regular sports have been postponed for the last year due to a lack of time and energy. A good time to combine both [...]

The princess and the umpalumpas

Once upon a time, there was a graceful princess (yes, of the Pea) who was shaken by a handsome prince on a white steed, from the stables of Quanondaele. At first the free-spirited princess felt some inclination when her prince gallantly held the door open for her or spoiled her with gifts and weekend getaways. Soon her objections faded [...]

Gloria's hip swing

House hunting is a fun hobby. Especially when the pictures on the internet become reality and you get to view the selected houses. Of course we fell in love with the first three houses right away. Fortunately, each house had a downside. Too remote, unsuitable access road for racing bikes, too close to the main road. A year later we set out again [...]

It will be Andalucia

On one of my birthdays, which traditionally I (prefer) not to celebrate, I was in Majorca. My romantic better half had chosen Calla st Vincenç as home base for this time, located by the sea and close to the Tramuntana Mountains. Beautiful walks, (sometimes literally) breathtaking racing bike rides, bobbing in the sea and in the evening on a terrace with tapas and copas between [...]

I take Spain as my conclusion (by Kees)

And leave my ships behind I need to get away for a while An escape to a new beginning. (Bløf) Sera españa Dejando mis barcos Tomando un descanso Escaparando a una Pura Vida... It's not that drastic either but the desire is great to make a fresh start. 35 years of construction in all degrees is [...]

I take Spain as my decision

I always had three anti-reasons for a vacation in Spain: It is much too hot It is full of Dutch people I don't like paella In my experience the boulevards were full of eateries with hackneyed names like "Patatje van Adje" and "Ed Kroket". The Spanish alternative was paella but yes, I [...]