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The princess and the umpalumpas

Once upon a time, there was a graceful princess (yes, of the Pea) who was shaken by a handsome prince on a white steed, from the stables of Quanondaele. At first, the free-spirited princess felt some inclination when her prince gallantly held the door open for her or spoiled her with gifts and weekend getaways. Soon her objections faded and she reciprocated his generous attention with exuberant passion. They fell madly in love and knew with all their hearts that a wonderful and (hopefully) long future awaited them.

the prince and the princessAs romantic as he was, he forged a plan to make his sweet princess his forever. He took her to a beautiful castle on Lans-a-Roté with a Buddhist temple as an entrance and inside a tropical garden and a winding river with waterfalls. A beautiful four-poster bed and rose petals were not lacking either. On the day of the princess's birthday, he led her to a heavenly spot called Calla Nude. They lay down on the white sand. His queen-to-be uninhibited in all her vulnerability, and the king-to-be in all his glory. So it happened that the princess discovered a glass bottle in the surf, containing a somewhat weathered piece of paper. With her slender fingers she picked it out. It turned out to be a letter in Spanish in which she read that the Prince could no longer live without her and wanted to share the rest of his life with her. The princess answered his proposal with unbridled passion.

Once they were joined in holy matrimony, they bought a residence in Andalusia called Zarzuela, named after the palace of the Spanish king. It was to be like this.

To make the honeymoon last forever, the sleeping quarters had to be equipped with the best materials as on the four-poster bed at Lans-a-Roté. shellNo expense was spared and finally, on a summer's day, the mattresses were delivered from Madrid. The carriage could be heard from afar and when it came to a halt in front of Zarzuela, two stocky, brown-haired bodybuilders of less than six feet in height jumped out. The burly prince immediately went to the rescue to unload but when one of the Umpalumpas lifted a mattress onto his back, the prince spun around three times and fell on his royal behind to the great hilarity of the Umpalumpas. At that, they each flipped a mattress onto their shoulders and set about running in a bent posture. The driveway was long, winding and above all very steep, but they ran undaunted all the way up. Without batting an eyelid, breathing normally but receiving a fat tip, they climbed into their carriage and returned home.

And the prince and princess, they slept soundly and lived happily ever after.