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Our Story

Our Story

At the end of 2019, we discovered our finca, an old olive grove located against a mountain just outside the white village of Yunquera. It immediately felt like the pure life: tranquillity, lots of being outside, a green oasis, the Andalusian hospitality, living at a wonderfully calm place. A place where we are simply going to grow old happily. A place for which we gladly exchanged our busy lives in Noordwijk.

La Pura Vida...?

Pure life... literally translated. The three words together have so much more meaning than just a pure or intense life. It is an expression for how beautiful life is, how you experience it and what you make of it. 

In LaPuraVidaYunquera you will experience what we would like to convey and share: simple, pure enjoyment of life at this moment.

It is also the peace of the green surroundings, the helpfulness and friendliness of the Andalusians, the Spanish warmth of the sun and the inhabitants of Yunquera, living in a tiny house, being outside, gardening, walking and cycling in an insanely beautiful region.

Together, that is what makes this place la pura vida.

Our location

At LaPuraVidaYunquera you experience the relaxed life on the campo. At some moments lively, at many moments deep peace reigns.

Yunquera has many sporty people who often leave the village in the early evening to go for a walk, run or ride on a horse or donkey.

There is a lot of activity in the village in the morning. After work and in the evening, young and old regularly go for a beer. There is always one of the (tapas) bars open at the edge of the village where you are welcome, even as a non-local. Yunquera has little tourism and is a real family village, therefore it is still very pure Andalusian. 

Our domain, 10 minutes by bike from the village, is situated at 700 metres altitude against a mountain slope. In former times it was an olive orchard, but twenty years ago three small houses were built there. Thanks to the situation - against a mountain slope and in terrace form - all three are at a distance and in height from each other. Privacy guaranteed! From the terrace and the gardens you have a breathtaking view over the valley and the mountains of natural park Sierra de las Nieves, which literally borders our garden.

In the garden you will find a number of old fig trees, dozens of olive trees and a number of fruit trees (orange, lemon, persimmon, pomegranate) that give an unmistakable Spanish fragrance and atmosphere.

In the lower part of the garden there is a swimming pool for the necessary cooling. Afterwards you can relax under the olive trees.

The sun turns along the front of the houses and does not disappear behind the mountains until late in the evening, so you can enjoy the day for a long time. 

Take a look now:

Yunquera Oxígeno

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