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I take Spain as my conclusion (by Kees)

And leave my ships behind
I need to get away from it all
An escape route to a new beginning. (Bløf)

Sera españa
Dejando mis barcos
Tomando un descanso
Escaparando a una Pura Vida...

It's not that drastic but the desire is great to make a fresh start. 35 years of construction in all gradations is enough, I've seen and experienced everything squared away. I've enjoyed my career and company but it's time for something else.

It grew over the years, the love for España. A collaboration with Spanish architects at the Rijks, Cycling and surfing vacations, the islands and the mainland, the cities, from north to south. Yes, I am in love! Seizing the opportunity now, fortunately Britt is of the same mind. A new life under the Spanish sun... Exciting! After a relaxed search with many delightful detours, we have found our place. Yunquera in Andalucia, in a beautiful spot in the mountains (680m), walking and cycling heaven on the edge of the Sierra de las Nieves national park. At 2 hours from Tarifa and 2.5 hours from the Sierra Nevada, also important because without surf and snow I can not. Besides the warmth, the sun and the always friendly Andalusians, it is above all a challenge to continue the success of NL in our own beautiful finca and cool B&B. A place where time and stress can be forgotten.

Pretty busy right now. Two nice bouAd projects to finish and then April / May to pack the last stuff and leave. Of course I will continue to do some remote jobs and we will fly back and forth regularly, the Netherlands will not let us go.

Soon we will be farming ourselves on our finca. Maintaining the orchard and garden and literally reaping the benefits. Plowing, harvesting and enjoying with our hospitable and fantastic neighbors. Doing everything to give our guests the time of their lives, relaxing, playing sports together. But also snowboarding when it snows and surfing when the wind blows... Above all a simple and pure life, we need little we now know.

Spanish rhythm, Spanish food, Spanish life, LaPuraVida...

Escapar a una Pura Vida...? Vamos!